Fast publishing Scopus indexed journals 2023

If you are looking to publish your research paper in a good Scopus indexed journal and trying to find fast publishing Scopus indexed journals 2023 then you are at the right place. This post not only guides you on how to find but also suggests some of the best fast publishing Scopus indexed journals.

How to publish a research paper in Scopus?

In our previous post, we guided you on how to publish a research paper in Scopus Indexed journals.

Getting their research work and papers published in journals with a Scopus index is their top priority because everyone wants to be respected by esteemed subject experts and peers in their professions. Getting a successful research publication is the first step. Create a list of all eligible journals where you can publish their research article or paper by searching the Scopus databases.

5 Things to do before submitting your paper

  1. Check the aim and scope of the Journal you have chosen from the Scopus-indexed list. Your research paper must satisfy the aim and scope of the journal.
  2. Check the duration of the publication and frequency of the journal you have chosen for publication.
  3. Check the publication fees or Article processing charge of the journal.
  4. Check the Indexing of the journal from the Scopus Database if it’s a Scopus-indexed journal.
  5. Check the grammar, and format of the paper,. Plagiarism before submitting the paper to the journal.

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After checking these 5 steps now you can submit your paper to the journal through its online submission portal or email id.

Along with the paper, you must send a cover letter to the editor.

Duration of Scopus Indexed Journals

  • Good journals take time to process the research papers.
  • The publisher takes time to review the paper through different reviews and processes.
  • The reviewers like peer review, and blind peer review happen in the review process.
  • The average time taken by any publisher to review the paper is in between 20 days to 180 days.

Fast publishing Scopus indexed journals 2023

Journal of Physics: Conference Series

The Journal of Physics: Conference Series journal is renowned for publishing innovative research papers based on the research presented at internationally renowned physics conferences on the most recent physics research studies that appeal to a diverse worldwide audience of researchers, educators, and policymakers, physics students, and industry professionals. The most current advancements in particle and field research are included in both review articles and significant original publications. The journal also features articles of long-standing value and importance that may be vital for research into new, unexplored areas.

Tentative duration: 3 months

Law, State and Telecommunications Review (LSTR)

It is a reputable publication that addresses a broad range of legal issues brought up in the media, IT, and telecommunications sectors. The world is currently undergoing a radical reformation of the economic, cultural, sociological, and political aspects of communication, including the freedom of the press and the freedom of speech. Readers’ comments and discussions in the area of communication law are included in every issue. Readers gain from editorial opinion, coverage of pertinent national and worldwide topics, authoritative commentary and analysis, and first-hand knowledge of the subject matter from a committed panel of sector experts. Studies of contemporary communications law, policy, and regulation have shown significant concerns posed by the confluence of mass media, telecommunications, and computers. Providing a venue for discourse on these enduring and new concerns.

Tentative duration: 2.5 months

International Journal of Advanced Technology and Engineering Exploration

Peer reviewed and open access, the International Journal of Advanced Technology and Engineering Exploration (IJATEE) is a monthly publication in English. IJATEE content are freely accessible online because it is an open access journal. The ACCENT Social and Welfare Society publishes IJATEE (India). IJATEE publishes engineering-related research articles, concise communications, reviews, editorials, and futuristic pieces. Research in the fields of computer science, electronics, and electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering is supported by the refereed journal IJATEE. It offers a forum for academics and researchers to exchange research findings and talk on a range of fresh problems and advancements in the fields of computer science, electronics, and electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering innovation. It is released each month (12 issues per year).

Tentative duration: 3 months

AIP Conference Proceedings

AIP Conference Proceedings has been a trusted publishing partner for more than 40 years, delivering fast, affordable, and versatile publishing for maximum exposure of your meeting’s key research. Our conference proceedings program reports the findings presented at scientific meetings from large international conferences to small specialist workshops. Subject areas span the physical sciences, including physics, math, chemistry, materials science, and engineering.

Tentative duration: 3 months

ISCOPE Publication also provides publication in reputed Scopus-indexed Journals. Check the journals.

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