The best way to find Scopus indexed journals list

Scopus is a global leader in reputed journals and periodicals. Universities and researchers prefer the Scopus Indexed journals to publish their research papers worldwide. Here is the best way to find Scopus indexed journals list.

What is Scopus Indexed Journal

Scopus is the most comprehensive abstract and citation database for peer-reviewed publications, with over 70 million items including scientific articles, conference proceedings, book chapters, lecture notes, and books.

The Scopus database for academic journals and scientific papers is the most well-known and reputed of all such databases, which is why so many academics seek out Scopus indexed journals. Subscribers to Scopus-indexed journals, as well as authors of papers published in such journals, can be confident in the facts.

Scopus, which is the online portal to the whole database of world-class journals and publications in all subjects, is your best way for finding a comprehensive list of all the best Scopus journals in your field.

How to Find if Journal is Indexed in Scopus?

Here we will discuss the best way to find the journals indexed in Scopus. There are several websites that continuously list the journals which are indexed in Scopus. But as per our experience, there is no better website to find the Scopus indexed journals list other than Scopus’s own website.

Here is one by one steps to find the Scopus indexed journal


Visit the URL https://www.scopus.com/sources


You can choose the option

  1. Subject area
  2. Title
  3. Publisher
  4. ISSN

If you know the Journal name then you can choose the no-2 option ” title” and put the title on the right-hand side. IF you know the Journal’s ISSN also you can select option no-4ISSN” and put the ISSN.

In case you do not know the Title or ISSN of a journal then you can search the Journal form the option-1 ” Subject area” and choose the subject according to your research area


Once your select the Subject now you need to select the Subtopic under the primary topic.

Now you will see the list of journals indexed in that particular topic.


Once you found the right journal on the topic then you need to check the following things highlighted in red color

These things you need to check

  • Coverage years
  • Source home(Click on the Source home to visit the official home page of the journal
  • Sopus Coverage content(Check the current year or the year till it gets indexed with Scopus.

If you want to publish your paper in Reputed Scopus Indexed journals then you can definitely check the link to select a good journal and publish papers.


The best way to find Scopus indexed journals list is the Scopus Website. You need not refer to any other website to see the list of the journal. Here you will get all information about the Scopus Indexed journals and the Impac factors of the journal.

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